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Video Services


We know that your aim as a company or business is to be more visible.  Our marketing videos will provide you with material to distribute to all existing and potential clients. It will also represent your product and service in the way you want to convey it to the world. Customer testimonials are also great for marketing your business.


Corporate videos are specifically tailored for the corporate industry and include any material that you as a corporate player in your area  might need to enhance your corporate identity.  Q&A videos, customer testimonials, Company profile videos and product launches are but a few examples of corporate video services we supply.


A training video is something that gets used more and more often.  By making use of training videos, you drastically reduce costs payable to trainers and also ensure that every training session includes everything you want to say.  Training videos can be used over and over again and can also be distributed online to reduce hiring of training facilities or venues.

A safety video is by far the most efficient way to communicate safety rules and regulations at your premises and facility.  This also acts as your ultimate disclaimer.


Free your business from hours of induction training whenever a new employee joins your team by having an induction video ready to relay all the relevant information about your company to the employee via an induction video.  Your history, vision and mission is important to every employee.  Induction videos can also be tailored to specific departments in your company.


Your event or function equals your memories.  Recording your event will ensure that it lives long after it has come to a close.  Seminars and conferences can also be recorded for distribution afterwards or for archival purposes.  Our multi-cam abilities is excellent for recording everything that happens as it happens up close.


All our videos can be supplied in a format that is easily uploaded on the web for quick access.  We are proud of the fact that all our videos are of the highest quality in sound and visuals.


Need to animate your logo, or use animation in your advertisement?  Look no further.
We create animated logos, end tails, intros and stings.


The broadcast industry is very specific when it comes to broadcast safe material as well as delivery formats.  We specialise in the area of broadcast safe video and audio that comply with all the rules and regulations of the South African Broadcast Company.


We specialise in music DVD production with all the expertise in the areas of sound, musical directing, lighting and video recording of a music DVD.  Post production is handled up to the post production including authoring of the final DVD master.


The ultimate marketing tool for any artist.  We will make your video an emotional journey to everyone watching and listening to your music. We produce music videos from the storyboard to the final production in close conjunction with the artist or record label to ensure that the video portray the image you want for the artists. All our music videos can be uploaded to Youtube and is also broadcast safe.


Equipped with the new Phantom4 drones we supply aerial footage of any event in a spectacular up to 4k format. Make your video stand out with glamorous aerial shots.